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Windshield Replacement & Filing an Insurance Claim

Upon contacting our office, we will ask if you plan to file your window replacement or rock chip repair with your insurance.  We will then set up an appointment for you so that you can provide your appointment date to your provider.  Next, you will need to follow these steps to accurately file your claim.
  1. Contact your insurance provider.  You will need to ask what your deductible amount is, and let your provider know that Advanced Glass and Trim will be doing the replacement or repair.  The provider will ask for the appointment date and then will fax your information to Advanced Glass and Trim.
  2. Set up your appointment. *If an appointment time and date has not been set up with Advanced Glass and Trim, you will need to do so.  Please allow 2-5 days for us to order your windshield, if we do not already have it in stock.  
  3. Installation. Once an appointment is set, we will do the installation and file all other necessary paperwork to your provider.  You will be responsible for paying your deductible to Advanced Glass and Trim on the day of service.  We accept check, cash, Visa and MasterCard.  Paperwork we receive from your provider will require your signature on the day of service as well.